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LAG spikes in sPvP! Losing fate in the game.


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Hello guys!

I have lately started to have some seriouse lag spike issues when playing sPvP and it seem to only be tide with sPvP. I have done a lot of PvE content, but I dont experience the whole freezing and skills not activating there, I can check speedtest and try youtube etc. quickly when I am getting these spikes and those things shows no problem with the connection...

I was wondering if its possible to get the IP of the server I am playing on? or better, a IP to the sPvP servers? To test stability from my side and see where the chain breaks. By doing like a tracert.

It's been lately, like its very new that I started having latency issues in sPvP and it's gotten to a point now that completely ruins my experience of the game.

I have the Options menu open and puill it all the way left while playing and I constantly get spikes all the way to 2k and above!

I am on a 100/100Mbit Fiber connection, if I test connections through speedtest, I am getting really good responses, even from other countrys.

Is there anything I can do except testing the connection myself? As I said, I have been watching the ping intensely last few days and the spikes only come inside sPvP. Which is honestly a huge problem as it's what I enjoy the most about the game!

I have tried restarting router and even plugged my pc straight into the wall. No change, but he, I don't seem to have any issue with the network in any other game or when doing pve.. please help.

Best Regards, A Lost gamer, loosing fate in gw2 :/

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I had a similiar problem, the culprit was Firefox. While playing I alway have a browser open for music etc, but the new version of FF is totally messed up with memory leaks and other problems. In WvW I was getting a 200-400 ping randomly for only like 2 sec but it was enough to ruin the game. I installed Opera and havent had a single lag spike since, even with multiple youtube tabs open.

Apparently Anet also moved their servers recently which seems to cause problems for some people, specifically in PvP. There should be some threads about it, "Amazon Servers", or something like that.

Edit: you can get the current server ip with /ip

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Since today I've been getting lagspikes where everyone freezes. No skills will work, chat won't work. It's like I completely lagged out and lost contact with the server.

My ping in the in-game options menu looks stable as well, but I know it is because I have already disconnected so it is no longer updating.

My internet is fine and doesn't lag at all during these times.

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