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Returning Player / World Completion


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I played for a couple of months at release and have 3 characters at lvl 80 (Mesmer, Guardian, and Elementalist). Coming back, in order to get back into the swing of things, I planned on taking one of these or making a new character and doing a world completion. I figured I would choose one of them and go ahead and do the main storyline in PoF to get mount first. My big question here is...

Which of these 3 would serve me best doing a world completion? I am sitting on 2 lvl 80 boosts as well so if there is another profession that would be highly suggested I am willing to play that one (maybe even level it to max the traditional way) as well.

Any guidance would be greatly suggested.



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@MachineManXX.9746 said:Honestly, it's way more important to do it on a profession you enjoy playing. Anyone here can give you a reason why X profession is faster / better etc. But, if you just choose based on what someone tells you, there is a good chance you will just get bored and give up on it. Seriously, jump on your favorite and go at it!

I agree completely with this. For me, map completion is about playing the game and having fun. Hence, I recommend using a profession you enjoy. I've done it on every class and none of them were problematic...well, except Engie because I'm terrible at that. So yeah, What MachineMan said, jump on your favorite and go at it.

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