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Just so I don't get this wrong


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I PvP and new elite seems incredibly strong to me. I only played a couple games before work but the damage and boon corrupt is solid with more sustain than I suspected. I will have to try a few new builds when I get home but scourge seems like a strong pvp elite spec. The nerfs were focused at WvW and unfortunately hurt scourge in PvE.

Core necro received no nerfs unless you count the slight cool down after activating shroud which is a QOL buff if you accidently pop in and out of shroud from skill queuing with lag.

Reaper received a tiny buff today, slight PvE power boost.

TL;DR: Scourge nerfed in PvE, still very strong in pvp and wvw, may be decent (possible meta even???) in PvE raids. Necros like to cry a lot on forums but PvE'rs actually have a bone to pick with scourge nerf.

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