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Graphics in game only and at Char Select Screen

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I have not played in awhile, several weeks maybe 4 or more. I did try to get in game a few days ago, but the wait time to load was unbearable so I exited.

Today when I logged int my entire Character Select Screen was in Pixel Boxes Colors of green and Blue6hSMQzqm.jpgNotice the Options Icon, the thick black frame around the text entry box and Selection Icon boxesgcz0Pirl.jpgCircled in RedYOAFLyml.jpg

I have no idea why it was doing that. and The game was the only thing acting like that. I am writing this up with no problems at all.

I rebooted the game and it is fine now. No pixel boxes of blue/green on any screen. Thought I'd post this anyway.I am PC Windows 7, Charter Cable Internet, RADEON HD 6670

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Happens. Computers are, even though we are used to them as everyday's life tools, still highly developed devices.I have several videos from FF14 acting up with suddenly placing chinese letters all over my screens, all the assets (health bars, HUD icons) and such flickering around. Something went wrong. Re-Initialize and you are set.

So far as I can see, it's the splatter art graphics that have been screwed up.


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