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You can disband other people's fractal groups

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I was starting up raid and began inviting everybody who was going to come to a squad. So I went down the list, everyone accepted but I noticed a bunch of random people were added to be invited. I cancelled all of these invites and didn't really notice anything off. Suddenly someone bursts into Discord and starts yelling about how that just disbanded his fractal group when I did that and they were at 5% on the last boss.

I'm not entirely sure which step does it, inviting them or cancelling.

So to rephrase.

1) Start a squad2) Invite a few people3) Invite somebody who is in the middle of a fractal dungeon.4) Cancel the invite to everybody who was added to the list.

This gives trolls a large amount of power, especially with streamers who you could easily do /invite name.number while they're streaming being in a fractal and it will completely disband their group. It's also very easy to accidentally do this and cause a large amount of pain for the party involved. Please fix this.

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