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Thanks for your answer. Locking the thread immediately doesn't really allow for a reply though where I think one is needed.

<"Lunar New Year festivities will be available until 10 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8) on February 22 (1 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8) on February 24 in China)."Source

The source linked here gives a permission error, as does the same link from the announcement article (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/lunar-new-year-2018-is-here/). Your tech team may want to look into that. See the attached image q9ViQ4R.png. I can reach the release notes (which I'm guessing they are based on the hyperlink) by searching the forum but that's quite the work around.

This still only answers part of the question though. Why can't we have a GW1 scenario where all the necessary NPCs (or in this case mostly achievements) to 'turn in' your event rewards and collect things like mini's stay behind for a couple of days? What's the harm in that? Why does it need to be shut down immediately?

And why does one have to scour the release notes (which are long and in-depth, which is good, but not very relevant for a more casual/newer player, I don't even know half the stuff mentioned in there) to find the date? Why can't it be in the announcement? Why can't it be in the login screen (like GW1 already had!)? Why can't it be in the game, as a login announcement or on some sort of tab or message with the festival achievements (disappearing in... xxdays.xxhours.etc.)?

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@Prophet of Flames.2783 i know what your talking about fully BUT sadly to say this is not like Guild Wars at all !! not even close to Guild Warsthey tossed out all them ideas back when Guild Wars2 came out. and not looked back at all . and if you want to know about any thing on eventsor the game you got to DIG in the wiki very hard to find the answers . the so called official wiki is run by players only . anet does not hardly do any thing at all with the wikii for get the key used to bring up the wiki some one might know that one.

but for to find the date you just have to dig the wiki like all the rest of us and the only announcement done any more is in the game its self . and never has been posted to the log in screen for Guild Wars 2 that info is found only after you log into the game .

and if you want to find the festival achievements hit the H key and then look at EVENTS . and go from their . and then use the look up box in the Guild Wars2 wiki and you might find info and you might now find any thing at all !!

far as event dates goes events them selfs is not very much at all in this game. their might be from October to February 4 in game events at best . and their is no more than the 4 in game events that are repeated every year till just this last year their was not even any new content added to the events . so you NOT see any more events till next October to February at best . and after 5 years with the same said events running at the same time most players know how long they got stuff to get done. and only time anet says how long these events go for is the beginning of the event and noting more after that at all .

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