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Path of Fire, Sinking Ruins after getting raptor and entering spider cave with NPC wanting to ride

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I entered the cave and listened to the chat of the NPC. I decided to go back into the village just to do something, I forget what. I got the typical out of instance area message and was ported back to Lion's Arch immediately, as if I was so far out of the area that it teleported me out of the instance. Unfortunately it didn't show on the map that the instance area was in red. It still showed the village as part of the instance area. Of course I had to go back onto the boat, into the pyramid, battle the balthazar lady, follow her around, and save the village again.

Bit of a waste of time over something that could have been avoided. There's no reason to cut an instance like that over and over... one large area, please.

Edit: Also, it seems likely that I left the NPC before he stopped his chatter. So I was heading back to town early to find a bucket to douse the flames and what likely happened is the end of the NPC chat changes the instance area... and I was caught too far out of the area.

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