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Returning to WvW


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I just diped my toes into WvW after like four years of abscence and quite a few things seem to have changed - or maybe the commanders I ran with do stuff differently.So:

  1. Aren't people groupstacking might anymore before a fight?
  2. Are golems not used as siege weapons anymore at all?
  3. There used to be "neutral factions" that would give your team buffs, is there something equivalent now?

Then, I also would like to know if there is somekind of allowed damage meter, and what numbers I should aim for in an average zerg.I want to play some D/D elementalist, and while my top priority is to have fun, I also do not want to gimp my team into the ground.

Thank you!

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People still stack might, primarily via guardian empower but depending on the commander he may or may not do it. Generally speaking more casual pugmanders or pvd groups will not do it.

Golems are still used but it’s more of a preference thing varying from commander to commander, but certainly it is used still. There are siege disablers and shield generators which didn't exist in the game compared to four years ago.

There is still borderlands bloodlust gained from capturing ruins, and guilds are able to claim objectives and depending on guild upgrades can provide allies in the immediate area of said objective with large stat buffs. These buffs will appear on your buff bar.

There is ArcDps that you can use to keep an eye on your damage in comparison to everyone else in the squad. Numbers wise would depend on what class you play but since you mentioned ele, staff weavers (currently the meta spec in large scale WvW) do some of the highest DPS out of all the professions so you should be near the top of your squad. DD ele is no longer a thing but Sword weaver can be possible in small scale.

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