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[NA][PvE] Joint Strike Fighters is recruiting vets and newbs alike!


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Joint Strike Fighters is a community with 10 years of history in MMOs, and has created a new guild in Guild Wars 2. We are a casual friendly guild looking to make new friends and build the community up within Guild Wars 2. Newbies and Vets both are welcome to join, whether it to be to find people to run stuff with, get help, or just hang out in general! Discord is required, you do not need a microphone but even just listening in is enough. We are a very social guild, and like to build lasting friendships that stay throughout the games we play. PM me, leave a post below or add me in game: Triadninja.3581. I generally try to respond in a timely manner, though if you add me as a friend in GW2, I am generally on at night during the work week.

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