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[EU][LFG] LF casual raiding or roleplaying guild

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Or both in one, I can go either way. Just looking for somewhere to call home and make new friends.Recently swapped from NA to EU due to poor timezone and schedules didn't line up.

Raids:I'm experienced in W1-W4 though haven't had a chance at W5 yet, with 150+ LI's (full set of legendary armor and then some) if proof of prestige is needed.Could care less if people are starting anew and wanna wipe 34909045347895473894387945 times, so long as the environment stays friendly, lax and there's a good laugh, (and the occasional prank) involved.Warrior is main, mostly Spellbreaker but can play support/DPS meta if required.Druid on sub.Soulbeast on sub.(The latter have full ascended)

Roleplay:Stays by the book, though I'm generally open minded and friendly to whatever.Doesn't mind arcs though random banter is welcome.

A bit of a troll at heart with some dark/crude humor and while I try to maintain my filter it sometimes slips, albeit only ever with good intent and generally laid back. No guarantees I'm mature but I know when there's a time and place for things. =pI'm not fond of 100% rep but can do on compromise I do have my own family guilds I need to attend to on occasion.Timezone: +8:00 PerthI'm 23 so don't worry about offending me.IGN: Malthaen Redblade, please leave an in game mail as I'm unlikely to respond to the forums.

TL;DR: Lonely kangaroo with their dropbear needing a home.Cheers!

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