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Help please :- How do I equip items ? When I click on hero , it shows me a long list of locked items

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Hi , I have just started to play again after 3 years away...I only made it to lvl 9 on my first go , life got in the way at the time....

Anyway just re-installed today , really enjoying the game .

My character is a necromancer lvl 9 , when I click my hero icon to equip items , I just appear to have a long list of items that appear to be locked...I have a full set of profrane items that where in a birthday box (I think) .

Equipping my choice of items is pretty much the only thing that is confusing me at the moment...the rest is sinking in and making sense.

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I believe the profane armour which you can receive as a gift is a consumable item skin. It is not an armour piece itself, but is able to change the look of your armour for free (one-time use; future changes can be done via the wardrobe).

To change your armour for free on your level 9 character, do the following:

  1. If the item in your inventory is called "Profane Light Armor Skin", double click it to open its contents. The items that you should now see are wardobe skins, not actual armour pieces.
  2. Press H to open up your hero menu, and click on the top icon on the left to go to your equipment panel. Make sure that the sub-section you're looking at is the Wardrobe section, not the Equipment section, or Miniature section, etc.
  3. When you click on your equiped items (e.g. the helm you're currently wearing), you should be presented with the skin(s) you can change it to on the left. In those options should be the Profane skin you're interested in. Click on it.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all of the other armour pieces you're currently wearing which you would like to see changed to Profane.
  5. On the far right, there should be a yellow button by which you can permanently apply the changes to those particular armour pieces. It should cost you zero transmutation charges.

Note I'm doing all of this from memory, so if I've made a mistake, my apologies, and I hope someone can point out my errors.

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