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Seeking New Group/Guild After Long Hiatus


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I use to play GW2 all the time. I was very into the game. However, its been a year or two since I have actually played the game. I never finished HoT (although I am close), and I do not own the new expansion yet. There have been so many additions and changes to the game that I do not even know where to start to get back into the swing of things. I no longer have a guild that I am a part of and I am looking to either join one that would be willing to help me get going again, or a group of players. I am in the US. I main a Warrior but have a few other 80s. I mainly play PvE but am open to fractals, raids, whatever. My main priority though would be to catch up on all the PvE content I am behind on (HoT, Living Season) and figure out what current Meta events are, and what people are really doing in the game these days. I have recently started a Twitch channel and mainly play Witcher 3 and Dead By Daylight, however, I would like to start streaming Guild Wars 2 so whoever I game with must be ok with that. I also have started a Discord server for my Twitch channel we can use to voice chat, although I am open to other means of voice chat as long as you are cool with my streaming while we play. I have a couple other people that have shown me interest in playing together but we have yet to be able to make it work. It would be nice to find some people I can play with consistently enough to stream the game. Hopefully this is in the right section and hopefully I can find what I am looking for!

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Hello Eperegrine,

Please consider Blissful Epidemic [blis] on Gate of Madness in your search for a new guild.

We are a stable and thriving PvX/WvW guild, currently at 200 members. We have no representation requirement as long as you make an effort to engage with the guild and join us for 1-2 WvW raids per week. We can offer all the amenities of a PvE guild and provide you with a hardcore WvW raiding experience, running an average of 10-15 during WvW raids. (Server Transfer may be required for that though).

Still, our PvE and PvP experience should be enough to keep you engaged. We devote a single night a week to Raiding and have a fully upgraded guild hall and packed Discord channel.

Our guild has accumulated some of the finest players in Gate of Madness - former leaders, officers, drivers and veterans who have played and enjoyed the game for years. We'd love to add you to the family.

Good luck in your search. Please PM me on the forums or in-game, or DM me in Discord at Bad Axxe#2937 if you have any questions or are interested in joining us. Thanks!

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Hi there Stranger,

If you are looking for a more casual yet active guild. Take time to consider[sOUL]

You can find most of the information about us under this link: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/30413/soul-na-casual-active-pvx-seeking-vets-and-new-players#latest

If you would like to apply for the guild membership please fill an application form on our website at: http://psr.shivtr.com/

If you wish to be given even more information you can get in touch with myself either in game or via forums.

Praise Joko!

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