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Zephyr Glider

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I also want this glider skin to return, also sadly missed it, while it was introduced. personally I also don't think this one should have made a BLc skin.This skin should have been earnable as part of a living story reward or as a collection

its one of the finest gliders skins. Want to have that skin for my main charathem all

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@"Boogiepop Void.6473" said:Special BL items have a history of NOT returning, hence the concern.

That is no longer true. The recent history is making it easier to obtain them than they were before.

The Black Lion Exclusives Chest, present in the previous chest contains the following items:

  • Grasping Phantom Glider
  • Mini Celestial Rooster
  • Infinirarium Glider
  • Candelabra Staff
  • Bitterfrost Vantage Point
  • Noran's Safe Room Pass and Key
  • Elemental Sword
  • Sworn Zaishen Helm Skin
  • Hounds of Balthazar Mail Carrier

Each of these items was previously an 'exclusive' drop, and a random one at that. Instead, ANet made the BLEC available and tradeable. They just removed it, so it's now trading at 500g-800g; previously, the price was 250-320 gold. That's within the range of what many people said they would be willing to pay for several of the items.

If ANet continues this pattern of releasing a tradeable container of your choice of exclusives, then it really comes down to your choice: willing to gamble versus willing to wait and get a guaranteed unlock.

Disclaimer: I bought several, one to unlock one of the skins and the remainder as investments (or potential gifts for Wintersday).

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