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You don't need to complete a mount race to get the collection item for completing a mount race

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1) I entered the mount race in desert highlands on my raptor.2) The blue outline for the starting area disappears when the timer begins so I start racing.3) I get disqualified for not being in the starting area when race begins.

Which is weird enough but there's more.

4) I tabbed out to look at forums for a moment and saw a post saying to go back to the NPC to requalify and do the race despite having been disqualified.5) I went back to the game and spoke to the npc and began the race.6) I realised I had run out of time to get to the end before the timer ran out so I gave up and waypointed back to Makali Outpost to continue my map completion.7) Upon waypointing I get a big notification across my screen telling me I've been disqualified for leaving the race area.8) The race timer ends and I get "Event successful" rewards including the collection item I needed for "completing" a race as a revenant. I did not however get completion on the "Track Record" achievement for desert highlands.

I'm somewhat confused, is this normal?

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