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Item Management for Playing Diff Class Builds

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I'm having trouble figuring out how I want to manage my gear on my main character (a warrior). Right now I primarily play a condi damage banner warrior, and I enjoy the class for raids/fractals. That said, power spellbreaker has a special place in my heart, and I like swapping to it for WvW and occasionally for PvE content for something different. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to effectively manage my gear though!

What I mean is: I have one set I use for standard PvE (Viper's) that I have in ascended, for WvW I need another set (Marauder's), and for power build in PvE I need a third set (Berzerkers)! I'm constantly running out of bank/inventory space as it is, so that's a lot of space to devote to sets. Not to mention, it can be kind of a pain to individually swap every item when changing my build around. I'm also worried that I may spend time crafting/farming all of this gear, only for the ideal builds/item sets to change in the next update and make my current gear sets useless. Is that a valid concern?

Obviously the #1 answer would be to farm full legendary items, but I don't think I'm hardcore enough to do that, and from what I hear it would take years. Does anyone have any advice? My concerns are really two-fold: playing multiple builds without blowing up my inventory, and playing other builds for my class without spending an arm and a leg on gear to obtain 3-4 different sets (which may or may not be useful in the next update).

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With regard to swapping gear and builds, I'd recommend getting arcdps and its build template module. With the devs obviously being way too lazy to implement a build template system of their own, deltaconnected has done an amazing job there. Can't really recommend anything for the rest - not caring about PvD is my solution to limit the amount of sets my characters need.

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Currently playing with two sets, one for condition- and one for direct-damage, plus a nearly endless stack of environmental weapons, toys and food. I can relate the struggle very well.

First of all I have a bunch of shared inventory slots for mobility (lily of elon), copper fed salvage o matic, mystic salvage kit. The first two bags in my inventory are invisible-bags. Those have the effect that the stuff inside is never visible for regular vendors and cannot be deposited to the vault automatically. The first slots in the first bag are filled with the armor + weapons. Then of course a few spacers made with my foods which I use with the builds and then comes the next set. In order to not get confused by sets, I gave every set a special skin- and color-scheme. So I can easily notice when I did something wrong upon changing to another style.

Handling two sets at once is ok, three sets (if I would delete all my toys and gadgets) possible, but more than that would lead to trouble imho. I use 20 slot bags with outmaxed inventory slots. If I ever want to increase space I have to get the ascended bags XD. I will not consider doing that any time soon.

I also decided to use a celestial set of trinkets + backpiece, which allows me to limit the gear-change to armor+weapons only. Builds like you have listed above may live by the meta and will not allow a damage decrease caused by celestial stats I guess?

The bottom bag of my inventory is filled with gadgets, toys and special stuff - what the majority of players in here would just call "trash." This stuff serves an additional function. Some of the above stored sets work with different number of pieces. This issue occurs always, when you change a 2-handed weapon for two single-handed weapons. So I tend to use some of the bottom-bag items as fillers to avoid my invisible bag-slots getting filled by loot.

So the middle section of my inventory is for loot, which is barely 50% of my slots. That is why I am forced to salvage & deposit whenever I have the chance to. Thanks to the kits in the shared slots it is barely one click and done within 3 seconds ^^. The runes of course turn out to be some sort of a problem, as usual.

I've been mocked for my multi-set method a lot and I have met people who solved that issue in different ways:

  • using different characters. A friend of mine uses several guardians, each with a different set and build. All are ascended sets, so it does not really matter if he ever wants to use the armor on another character. Filling all armors with AR is a bit painful, but again you have the same trouble when using all the sets at the same character. Big plus for this method, you get a unique character + race for that build, which feels better. Relogging and traveling is not really a big deal anymore, since we have mounts. And if there is no time to react, you can always grab a teleport to friend.
  • legendary armor. The most expensive solution, but you save loads of space and there is no need for another character. I am not raiding and not into WvWvW, so this will never be an option for me. If you are serious about that 3-4 sets or even more, I would think about it though. Even with ascended bags you may run out of slots quickly.
  • limiting your builds. You can be everything in this game, but do you have to? >Here< is a recent poll about which classes are played how often. You can easily see that there is some sort of a balance. Same goes for roles and styles, like condition, dps, tanking and support. I had tons of debates in former guilds of people saying "I make a warrior with great-sword now, because there is always a need for one." That might be correct, but there are usually enough guys around who fit into that description easily and if not, someone can log one or ask a friend. It is nice to have the ability to be 100% flexible, but it is not your job. You do not have to outbalance everything. Be a normal player, enjoy the game and your class as you like it best. If you can swap between two powerful setups, you are already better than the majority of this community.
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I have 5 different heavy ascended armor sets. I have 3 on my rev, 1 on my warrior, and one on my guardian. I manage my Rev sets by having max back slots and 28 slot bags. Last two bag slots are the invisible bags so nothing comes up when I sell things. Also when I compact my bag slots the invisible bags aren’t touched. Also I have 3 different sets of trinkets and multiple weapons in the invisible bags also.

Build wise it’s just good to know your class. I can switch from condi to dps to tank in seconds because I know my class and optimal builds. I loved GW1 build template mechanic because all you had to do was save your build and it would swap over when you selected it. GW2 should have kept that but oh well.

Mettabattle is a good source for builds. It has the most optimal builds for anything. It’s always being updated also. So maybe check out that website.

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@infrequentia.3465 said:

@Linken.6345 said:Do be aware the people have lost ascended equipment useing arcdps build template.

this is literly the first time i hear this. not even google knows something about it.

so what people? what where they using? ( obv not arcdps else it would have been mentioned somewhere)

I've seen it mentioned, and I don't even use it. Also, it must've been on these forums because I don't use Reddit.

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