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Nerf volcano boss


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Hi have you considered killing adds? Or bringing reflects? The chrono would usually bring a focus and trait it to reflects. Once you stop running (being immob'd) by mobs you start to stack up burns.Another way you get burns is by standing on the 3 fire fields the boss spawns after some kind of swopping attack this happens after you break his bubble also.Also be aware that there are lava pits inside the arena that give you burns too.

On necro bringing plague signet and a dagger offhand (4) and a staff (4) should help you cleanse.On a tempest the trait that removes conditions once you are granted regen staff( water 5) are also useful for this boss. Its not my main class but im sure you can also turn magnetic aura into a partywide buff also!Think theres another anti condition trait too in earth

The boss doesnt have that much hp so branching out into mechanically being able to deal with him is worth the investment

Hope it helps!

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