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[Suggestion] new stats to easier manage builds

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Add more stat combinations in both PvE and PvP: the big numbers are major stat and the less numbers are minor stats:

Reinforcer (nice for condi druids)

Condition 1050Precision 1050Expertise 560Concentration 560

Basilisk (don't mistake it with viper, viper has more power than precision)

Condition 1050Precision 1050Power 560Expertise 560

Cobra  (Less worrying about condi druation and more focus on actual condi damage)

Condition 1200Precision 900Expertise 900

Conjurer (perfect for healers and buffers)

Healing Power 1200Precision 900Concentration 900


Healing Power 1200Toughness 900Concentration 900

Protector (perfect tank)

Vitality 1200Toughness 900Concentration 900


Power 1050Precision 1050Ferocity 560Concentration 560

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