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Please stop undoing beastmode when...


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100% Agree, this NEEDS to be addressed.

But I think they have a problem with that because the way they probably have done that mechanic is that your Beastmode requires a pet. Whenever you mount or go into water, your pet disappears (even when you can't see your pet because your in BM), therefore you get kicked out of BM. They complained in an interview how many problems they had previously with the pet and all the things that are dependent from the pet and how they can't really hide or completely get rid of the pet.

Easy fix: Don't despawn/hide our pet, when we're on a mount just set it to peaceful and make it invulnerable or something like that.

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@iczek.9628 said:

  • I dismount
  • Enter water
  • Exit water
  • And anything else

I would like to remain in beastmode until I decide when I longer want to be. It's annoying having to constantly toggle that ability on. Feel free to add to the list. By the way, I'm having a blast exploring CD.


For the anything else: Please keep doing it in down state. Otherwise we die without licking wounds.On the other 3 points: Please yes fix this its annoying as hell.

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