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Very new player!

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Well, I am just going to assume you mean functionally... like what do you work towards. However, quick notes before I go there:

  • Profession: Mainly just pick what interests you, unless you plan on trying to do some more niche content (like serious raiding, PvP ladders, etc.) If you aren't sure, YouTube some of the professions and see what they play like. Worst case scenario? Just create them and play them a bit to get a feel. If you bought the game you get 5 slots and you can delete toons and create new ones for no additional cost. If you have a level 80 trial, even better. Just trial a few toons and see what they feel like at the cap.
  • Controls: I don't really know how to help here other than to tell you that MMO playing feels a lot different (to me, at least) than other PC games. I invested in an MMO mouse that has 12 buttons for my thumb to use, which allows me to use my right hand for camera and actions and my left for movement. Some people use a standard mouse and will adjust keybinds around WASD so that their left hand can easily handle actions and movement. Find what works for you and adjust the keybinds in the game to work for that. I adjust my keybinds periodically, nothing wrong with that!

Anyway, with what to do, that depends on where you are at in your gameplay. If you have yet to reach 80 on a character, I would pick a profession you enjoy and play it through to 80. If you enjoy PvE and the story, make sure you do the story along the way. If you bought all the expansions, some recommend skipping to PoF and playing just enough to unlock raptor and then starting over from the beginning of the story. I feel like if you are leveling a fresh 80 that this will force you to avoid a lot of the combat that will help you get used to the controls on your character, so if you do this just stop along a few hearts or something so you can still get that practice in. Achieving a certain "synergy" with your profession makes it a lot more enjoyable.

If you have an 80, then you can literally do anything. It is almost overwhelming, and I don't understand how people say they don't have something to do. Run raids, work on a legendary, craft ascended armor, do trains, level alts, do collections, etc.

What you do depends on where you want to go in the game. Personally, I focused on gear first. (I've been around since launch, so that meant exotic first and then ascended later when it was released.) If you want to do fractals, the ascended gear will be nice while you work on getting to higher tiers. It also has the highest stats, so you'll be fine in most content assuming you don't pick a silly stat combination. (Even then, you'll typically be fine outside of more hardcore content where it could mean you can't pull your weight.)

While crafting ascended, you'll need to get gold... so you can work on the different trains (I rotate between boss trains, SW RIBA and chest trains, bounty trains, etc. just so I don't get bored.), map completion (while will help you if you ever go for a legendary), working on achievements that reward ascended gear, do PvP/WvW, etc.

The end game is simply wide open, unlike some other MMOs where its pretty much raid or get left behind. Do what ever you find interesting or fun at that point in time. If you aren't having fun, then you aren't playing the video game for the right reason.

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