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[EU][PvE][Discord][XERA] Stronghold Of The Faithful is recruiting for a Raid Static

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Hello, fellow Tryians.

I am Dapper Shark the head officer for [XERA], I have been placed in charge of coordinating a raid static for the guild, We are looking for eager members who have a passion for raiding. There are however a few requirements we have.

Requirements to join:

• we are a small team hoping to build up a consistent roster of dedicated players• At least one fully ascended meta build raid character. (or plans to have one soon)• Understand your role(s) in the group.• Regular availability at the scheduled time(s)• Experience in raids, simply 1 Legendary Insight to show you know what you are signing up for.• Research the boss mechanics.• Be nice, this is already a guild rule but doing the most difficult content in the game with the same folks regularly will require patience. Remember there is a difference between helping a teammate realize and fix his mistakes, and blaming them.• Be able to take constructive criticism and work on improving areas you can. Ask the guild and your teammates for assistance if you need.

All that said if you’re interested you can either message me in-game at Dapper Shark.4958 or here on the Guild Wars 2 forums. Hope you have a lovely day and I hope to see you around Tryia.

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