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Could we see a (tiny) buff for Zealous Blade? (GS Trait in Zeal)


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After the nerf to alacrity, the GS PvE rotation isn't smooth anymore. For those that don't know it, the general idea is:

Gs4, Gs2, 3x Auto chain, Gs2, 3x Auto chain, Gs4, Gs2, swap

Before the alac nerf, you could queue every skill together fluidly, but now there's a tiny ~0.25s period after each set of auto chains where you can't quite squeeze anything in but you're still waiting on Gs2 to come off cooldown. Casting anything in that place and delaying Gs2 is a dps loss, so it just ends up feeling really awkward.

Proposed buff: Change the trait cooldown from 20% to 25%. This would effectively put GS cooldowns back to what they were before the alac nerf (when coupled with alac, of course). While we're at it, maybe consider bumping up the 5% damage increase to 10% (guard is a little behind other DPS specs as of now). Would help close the gap just a tiny bit.

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