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[AUS/STORMBUFF (Willing to change to SoS)] Returning Aussie player looking for guild


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Hi Folks!I'm just starting to get back into the game after buying PoF, although I left when HoT first released. So I'm hoping to get into an active Australian guild that has more of a casual/laid-back feel; mostly so I can ease myself back into the game.

Currently, I'm on Stormbuff Isle, but I'm willing to change to Sea of Sorrows (whenever it changes from full). My current main is a ranger, and I'm basically gaining my first few HoT masteries. Although, I'm certainly willing to get to know some of the other classes too.

I must admit, unlike my experience in the original GW, I've never had a close guild in this sequel. So really, I'm also looking to join a rather close community where I can make some good friends as well.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have some fun again. :)

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