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What's the name of this staff? Is it a raid item? (EDIT: Nvm, found it)

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Edit: Nevermind, I just found it. It's the Assaulter's/Healers/Defender's/Malicious Spitit Branch.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Assaulter%27s_Spirit_Branch_(skin)

I saw a staff today with a bunch of little, writhing snake-heads coming out of the top, and a snake-tail at the bottom. It may be a raid item since the person who had it was wearing full legendary armor. I tried to take a screenshot, but can't find the folder where screenshots are stored (I know... pathetic lol). It's not the hydra-staff from Black lion chests. The whole thing is dark gray/Matte black with smaller heads on top and a tail at the bottom. Anyone seen this thing before?

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