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Mistlock Sanctuary - Getting punted to LA [Solved]

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Hello,My characters who were in the Mislock Sanctuary, are being punted to Lions Arch. I have the permanent pass to the Mistlock so it isn't due to time running out.

  • I had logged into a character who was sitting in the Mistlock Sanctuary and used the bank
  • I logged out to character select and logged back into a character in Vabbi
  • I logged out to character select and logged back to a character who is in the Mistlock Sanctuary
  • The load screen says Mistlock Sanctuary then changes to Lion's Arch
  • Got punted to Lion's Arch.
  • Repeat for all of my characters who are (or were) in the Mistlock Sanctuary

Just to make sure I didn't make a mistake (or forget which character I had parked where) I went back to character select and tried to get a different character, that was also parked in the Mistlock Sanctuary, and the same thing happened again.

Edit: I think I figured it out -- I was looking for trinkets on another character when I discovered this issue. After logging back to Vabbi, I moved the pass-key from the shared inventory slot to make room for the trinkets. When I flipped back to the characters in the Mistlock, they got punted to LA. I actually did not think this would happen when an account bound item was moved from the shared inventory slot, because it is account bound and my characters are already there.

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