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I would love to see a similar inclusion of hero’s as used in Eye of the North on Guildwars 1. Travelling through the PVE storyline you could use your hero’s as a group to battle through the story. These hero’s could have armor upgraded and could use weapons collected and were extremely useful for me.I used to play a lot with groups but due to my work found it difficult to get online at times that suited everyone else. I found that I would often have to attempt to solo high end areas which turned out to be extremely difficult. When they introduced the hero’s into the game I could use them in a group to get myself back to a stage where I was at the same level as my friends. It was really useful tool and something I think would be really good in Guildwars 2.

Just a link for those who wish to read about ithttps://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Hero

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Just to point we had a very recent topic on this: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/30176/gw2-needs-the-henchmen-from-gw1/p1

And just to quote myself:

@joneirikb.7506 said:Not really interested, simply because it takes the MMO part out of the game.

But as I've said before, if they where to add something like this it would have to be:

  • Limited to dungeons, story missions, possibly low level fractals only
  • Work like the Henchmen of GW1 (premade builds) and not the Heroes (customizable builds) So they're equal, and ANet can set them to the difficulty/skill they want.
  • Use (and upgrade) the story characters for this since they're usually with you in dungeons and stories anyways (Eir, Rytlock, Logan etc)
  • Under no circumstances allow them anywhere outside of Instanced Content.
  • Under no circumstances allow them anywhere near any PVP/WVW mode.

Personally I'd more more tempted to use those as enemies, so we could get some more interesting enemies to fight with better AI, I'm tired of dumb HP-sacks with basic attacks. Also would love to see enemies use player skills, so we get more clues to how to fight them by recognizing attacks, and also learning useful skills in regard to PVP while playing the game. But that was way off-topic.

I should also add something I forgot last time:

  • Add some proper AI!
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Like you say I would like to see them used similar to the henchmen of Guildwars 1. Definitely upgradable and with customisable skills. I wouldn’t want them anywhere near PVP at all. I just like the way in the original you could bolster your team with missing elements with a henchmen. I know some of the less experienced players find some of the other players to be quite aggressive in Dungeons and Fractals but with henchmen those players could take a friend along and flesh out the rest of the party with Henchies!

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Just to point out the HENCHMEN vs HERO part:

Considering the large differences in combat, builds, and the whole action combat element of this game, it is very unlikely that any AI could make good use of most skills available to players. For guardian as an example: Imagine them just randomly using shouts (Stand Your Ground for stability when you don't need it), use Smite Conditions as soon as they get a single condition with no enemies near, probably activate every single signet wrong, and drop Concecrations (And traps) randomly around themselves with no one around.

By letting ANet design the Henchmen, they could at least make some builds that "roughly" work, sort of like those "Test dummies" in PVP lobby map, that does fight using player skills and builds, just limited. And they can't figure out weapon swapping.

This is one of the reasons why I don't think actual "HERO's" from GW1 would work (the ones you make your own builds and gear up etc). And why I would prefer to see the "HENCHMEN" instead. The ones that are predesigned and geared, so you can't alter them (Like all the Henchmen from Prophecy, Factions, and the non Hero's from Nightfall like Herta, Lukas, Cynn and Devonna etc).

Another reason is that eventually players would find some kind of borky build that the AI runs well, and we're back to HEROWAY/SABWAY, trivializing content, and giving wastly different experiences for each player. By using the premade Henchmen, ANet can control our experience better (and make us WANT to have another player instead!), and also adapt and scale them to the content, so if one Dungeon becomes a bit easier with something (condi clear, stun break, party buffs etc) they can have the NPC give some of that, but not as well as a player would.

That, and I personally always hated to have to gear even more characters. Even as cheap and easy as it was (for the most part) in GW1. I'd hate it even more in GW2 =D

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