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As someone who has played since the year the game came out, where should I start?

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I am just wondering where the hell do I even start with everything that has been released since I quit playing. Should I grab the pack with heart of thorns and path of fire? I want to check out the new profession but I am unsure what exactly getting heart of thorns gets me. I have a TON of level boosts on my characters from long neglected mailboxes with birthday bonuses. It just feels overwhelming.

I am thinking the best bet is to start a new character to get fresh in the world but I am not sure where to start even with that. Are there still a lot of people leveling and questing or should I just go straight to path of fire stuff?

Thank you all for any advice you can give me. I am looking forward to getting back into the game

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Plenty of players are levelling - from new, to returning to alts. You will always encounter others.

I'd always advocate a fresh start and ease yourself back in then grab LS2 and HoT when ready. HoT will give you the first elites. Then you can progress to LS3 and PoF if you are really having fun

  • Reaper (necro)
  • Scrapper (Engi
  • Berserker (Warrior)
  • Dragon Hunter (Guardian)
  • Tempest (ele)
  • Chronomancer (Mesmer)
  • Herald (Revenant)
  • Daredevil (Thief)
  • Druid (ranger)
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I'd also recommend starting up a new character, just to get back into the game mechanics (which might not be how you rememeber them - so much has changed I'm not sure myself ...). If you buy HoT or PoF you'll also get a lvl80-boost each, which you could use to skip leveling if you feel you've had enough.

Depending on your interests (and how much you want to invest into the game) I'd recommend to either:

  • Play the Story chronologically: there is a LS1 recap (though maybe you played that), then LS2 leads into HoT, which is followed by LS3 and PoF - LS4 just released the 2nd epsiode. Since you probably don't have the Living story seasons unlocked this will cost you Gems to unlock the previous seasons in addition to buying the axpansions.

  • Chose one expansion start with that: if you're not so much interested in playing the story chronologically I'd recommend going for PoF first. It is much more solo-friendly (HoT maps can be really confusing and have a lot of though enemies) and generally more casual then HoT - also the specialisations are (almost) all really nice and also quite strong.

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