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Some Kit Changes/Trait Ideas


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Med Kit:

1: increase Cone Size by 120% Increase Heal by 50% Channel time Inreased too 2 sec.

2-5: Now Throw 6 Packets on the location. Size of all Packets are Inreased. (if you or a ally collect the Same Packet from same cast, the effects are 10% Reduced per packet)

2: Cooldown is now 20 sec from 5 sec.

3: Cooldown is now 35 sec from 10 sec.

4: Cooldown is now 50 sec from 15 sec. this packets gives now 5 sec Superspeed but only one packet per cast per ally.

5: Cooldown is now 30 sec from 20sec.

F1: Bandage Self: Cast time reduced to 3/4 from 1sec.


Health Insurance: Old effect is removed. Now every 5sec while you are in Med kit you throw instant 3 random Packets to allys(range 600) if no allys are nearby you throw them randomly under the ground. reduce Cooldown of all Packet/bandage Skills by 10%.

Medical Dispersion Field: old effect removed. now you gain a aura (only on Combat). every 2 sec all nearby allys are Healed for 155(0.18). (raduis 600) (10 Allys) (can not stacked)

Elixir Gun:

2: Reduce cast time to 1/2 from 3/4. Cooldown inreased to 15 sec from 8. Now its a ground traget aoe Skill. You shot a Glob Shot on hit it deals Splash dmg and all enemis are slowed for 1 Second. tragets 5. Radius of the Splash 240. Range 900. Base dmg Increased from 266(0.75) to 410(0.8).

Tool Kit:

Auto Chain 3 Twack: Reduce Cast time to 3/4sec from 1sec.

Throw Wrench: (its moved from Toobelt to toolkit 2) Cooldown reduced to 10sec from 17sec.

Gear Shield: Block duration is now 2,5 sec from 2 sec.

Toolbelt: Box of Nails (its Moved from toolkit to toolbelt). Cooldown is now 25sec from 10sec. Radius is increased from 240 too 300. now applies extra Torrment(2sec) and Slows(0,5sec) Enemies.


2: damage Increased by 40% on blast.

5: Now its a Stunbreak and a Smoke field(3sec). Cooldown is Increased to 26 sec from 20.

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