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[Feedback] Living World 4, Episode 2

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We made it Wednesday evening with no official or even merged feedback thread? o_OMay as well get the ball rolling with an unofficial one for the moment. :)

Not done with the content yet (as well I shouldn't be, having it released yesterday :P), so I don't have full feedback, but just some notables.

I appreciate the story chaining. Lots of folks were irked by little chunks of story with a bunch of zone-wasting in between, so I hope this model works out better for story appreciation and map longevity.

Without too many spoilers: Charr get some love. :+1: I like the new culture and I'm curious to see if there will be more involving them.Meanwhile, kiiinda disappointed with the Claw of the Khan-Ur as a legendary weapon. Thematically as well as.. the effects are kinda lackluster from what I've seen.

I've seen screenshots of "jump to an achievement" things? If this is real, OMFG, please do this retroactively through Season 2, HoT, Season 3, and PoF. Please! It would make them tremendously more re-playable.

From what I've seen of the new zone (north side at least) pretty mellow. Glad to see the trinkets come back and a node worth buying.It also seems more mellow than Istan, which I can really appreciate. Istan makes it really hard to pull or fight intelligently, because the aggro ranges for some mobs are so [expletive] huge.

So it's kind of a shame all this improvement is met almost at the outset with the usual CC-spam, Giant AoE nonsense in combat design. Seriously, there are more things you can do to threaten players than huge damage bombs and constant, unavoidable loss of control. In the very least, work on a proper balance of these copy-paste enemies you put in, so not every single thing is spitting stuns and blinds.

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