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[NA][Tarnished Coast]LFG from an asuran astronomer ((OOC notes below))


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I am an asura looking for a krewe on my own. Although I am an alma mater from the College of Synergetics and an expert in astronomy and the cosmos (sadly I'm not in real life :anguished: )! I have moved from krewe to krewe in hopes of adventure and discovery.

My adventures and thirst for knowledge led me from Orr to the Fractals of the Mist. I sliced through the Magumma Jungle to seek knowledge of the stars while hoping that crazy cabbage people do not slice me up. I ventured to the Crystal Desert and eventually to the Astralarium to pursue my love for astronomy.

My passion has led me to create two of my greatest designs: a magical greatsword that cuts a window into a sunrise or space and an axe that glows with cosmic energy!

Currently, I am looking for a new guild that can take me in. I want to venture further into the Fractals of the Mist, where Deesa can help me understand the arcane knowledge of the Eternal Alchemy. I also want determined adventurers to come with me to the darker reaches of the jungle. I heard that the humans that called themselves the "White Mantle" has some dark secrets and I want to unearth them. I do not know what they are talking about when they tried to kill me the last time, but I want to visit this "Bastion of the Pentient" or some "Spirit Vale" but I don't know what they're talking about.

I am also not strong enough and I need a lot of training from a guild that can do it!

I hope that my genius mind in astronomy and in the Mesmer art (or whatever new elite specialization is truly "cosmic-themed" lol) aid the new guild that could take me. Please take a look at my resume and if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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((Out of character notes:I'm a former RPer who wasn't active in GW2 for a bit of time. Afterwards, I decided to come back when the two expansions started to hit. Now I'm starting to invest in the game again and I want to come back to do more. Right now, I am looking into raids. I really want to invest my time in it. The boss fight seems fun. I also want to do Fractals but the thing is that I just leaned how to get AR and I want to level up my personal level in the Fractals.

I am primarily a PvE player in TC that is interested in doing more raids and fractals! I am looking for a guild! Don't hesitate to hit me up!))

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