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LW4 E2 - first instance needs some changes for people doing it in a party

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I was doing ep 2 with a friend, for those who do it solo the difference is that the second player takes the appearance of a drone and can give swiftness to the instance owner + has a skill to temporarily disable the detection aoe from attack drones.

The problem comes if the first player goes through a barrier and it closes before the second player can cross it, the second player gets stuck there, as the drone can't activate portals. I had to sit there for the entire instance until my friend cleared everything to advance us to the next instance, and I ended up missing all the dialogue.

Either keep the portals open once people walk through them or give the second player some way to teleport to the instance owner or a way to walk through barriers. The current way it works gives a shitty experience to the second player.

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