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Dear Anet, any chance to get some interesting pvp runes and sigills to wvw?


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I know, pvp Balance around runes and sigills is splittet from wvw some time ago. But i think there are some runes like "Rune of Lynx" and sigills like "sigil of escape" that would suit to wvw and would Support build diversity in wvw. So i ask is there any Chance to get some runes or sigills from pvp to wvw?

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Why add more runes when there are like 50% (more tbh) that go unused in a meaningful way?

Also energy was nerfed in Spvp for a reason (it's really good, and you can't go wrong with it). However, it might be more necessary for the blobbier fights (i'd say it isn't) or daredevils that wish to abuse 50% energy recovery because percentage. Bleh.

TLDR: No new items, just fix old ones and polish them into "new."

P.S. : I can't out run a centaur on Centaur Runes still. Sad.


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