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Mount Bundles Feedback.

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I have no issue with the mount packs, price is fair and they it's nice to see real effort in them (some of the adoption mounts at a similar price point were much more disappointing)

But I would really love to see individual options. I have a ton of mounts I prefer over the majority of the set, and paying a 20$ (more since I'm Canadian) for one or two is a terrible price point and only deters me from making the purchase. It makes it more worth while waiting for something more unique where I'll be paying that same amount for one mount anyways.

So suggestion: You're going to make that 26.66 from me eventually, regardless when you bring out something better not tied to a theme set. So instead of turning me off the bundle purchase, why not let me buy one mount for 500 (base value) or 600 gems (inflated to imply savings for getting the baseline bundle, in addition to making the early 1600 look even more attractive)?

That way you at least make something off me, or create an affordable resource sink.

It's possible I'm an outlier, your sales data can confirm. But I feel there is likely to be a large number of 'savvy consumer practice' people like me who will calculate value to the price point and wait before cracking to the pressure of the new item put in-front of them.

This particular bundle for me I find a bit tempting being that two mounts are attractive to me, and at the early sale of 1600 that's 800 ea with 2 freebies even if I'll never use them (so by gem price 10$ usd for each mount I care about, which I'd be paying if I only wanted only one based on my suggestion anyways). But this is enough to deter a few sales, and I don't think I'm alone in that.Thinking broadly here the sell would also be hard for anyone who has already made a significant purchase in game recently prior to the bundle,and come future bundles for anyone who is only interested in an individual mount it's likely going to be an complete no sale.

This is clearly an opinion piece of feed back, and psychological affects of marketing might show different results. But I appeal this suggestion as;'it's at least a consumer friendly option, that is at the end of the day is still a benefit to the company.'

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If I remember correctly Anet have said they don't want to sell 'low' priced individual mount skins like they did with gliders because apparently they make almost no profit on 400 gem items because so many people convert gold to buy them. (Yes someone else has to buy the gems for them to be available to convert, but I guess either gem sales that were converted to gold are tracked separately and they can't include them in a gem store items profits to avoid counting them twice, or they're not able to track gems bought with gold.)

But I think your suggestion is a bit different to what was previously suggested, which was literally just selling the adoption licence mounts/others for 400 gems each. This is more like when people asked for exclusive items from bundles - like the Soul River glider - to be available separately, because some people were never going to buy the entire bundle but wanted and would buy the one item.

If we had two choices - buy 1 branded mount skin for 500 gems or 5 for 1,600 then anyone wanting 4 or 5 should buy the bundle (and if they don't then it's still a win for Anet because they get more money) and even people who only want 3 may get it because for an extra 100 gems they get the other 2 mounts to use if they ever want them.

The question is how many people who only want 1 or 2 of the skins - the target audience for this suggestion - are currently buying the bundle vs. going without. And unfortunately that kind of thing is very hard to track - there's no way for a computer system to know if someone didn't buy something because they don't want it or because they were tempted but the price/some other factor was wrong. All you know is number of potential customers vs. number of sales. But maybe if there's anyone else in the same situation they can reply to this thread and Anet can get at least a rough estimate.

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