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So, for some reason, acquirring a ascended back piece is still a mystery to me

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If you want core or hot stats, lw3 is way to go (bitterfrost is probably best). If you need full hit trinkets then it might be better to get backpack from sirens landing (it doesnt need unbound magic and you need berries for 2 other pieces).

If you want hot stats i think the only way is to finish rising banners achievment. (Or buy it from raids for magnetic shards)

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Well unfortunately (correct me if i'm wrong) there are none HoT and Central Tyria ascended backpiece that offer Magi Stat, so in short LWS3 is the only way. also the easiest. I suggest you getting LWS3 ep 3 "A Crack In The Ice", winterberries are pretty easy to get and fast, if u have full x5 lv 80.

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@"silverfox.1056" said:So either way I absolutely need LWS3?

I believe so, if you are dead set on getting magi.

There are 56 backpacks that can be chosen to have magi stats. If you copy/paste the following, you can see the full list:


You can sort that by item rarity. Near as I can tell, those all require LS3.

You can substitute the word "magi" above with a different stat, e.g. Celestial, which then gives you many more options.

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Here is a lIst I made for the cost of each LW3 zone. Keep in mind that trinkets have to be unique so you will need a ring and accessory from 2 different zones. I had other level 80s at the time but didn't want to run the story so I bought the portal scrolls for a couple of the zones and used those to portal my alts in for gathering.

Bloodstone Fen:Ring - 2000 UM + 100 BRAmulet - 3000 UM + 125 BRBackpack - 5000 UM + 200 BR

Ember Bay:Accessory - 4000 UM + 150 PWBackpack - 5000 UM + 150 PW

Bitterfrost:Ring - 2000 UM + 200 WBBackpack - 5000 UM + 400 WBAccessory - 4000 UM + 300 WB

Lake Doric:Amulet - 3000 UM + 125 JFBackpack - 5000 UM + 200 JF

Draconis Mons:Backpack - Collection AchievementRing - 2000 UM + 100 FBAmulet - 3000 UM + 125 FB

Siren's Landing:Back - 315, 000 Karma + 200 OP (sold at heart vendors)Amulet - 3000 UM + 125 OP

Total Unbound Magic RequiredBackpack - 5000Amulet - 3000Accessory 1 - 4000Accessory 2 - 4000Unique Ring 1 - 2000Unique Ring 2 - 2000Total -20000 UM for full set

Also, the LW4 zone Sandswept Isles sells a Ring and Accessory as well for 2000 - 4000 Volatile Magic and 100 - 150 Difluorite Crystals. Unfortunately, Anet decided to tie gathering Volatile Magic into a Mastery track so you will have to train this before gathering in these zones.

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