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Simon and Destiny's Edge


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For those who don't know who Simon is, he is a cat you can find in Shattered Observatory fractal if you open the right path after the first boss and if you feed him he will appear in your home instance.So today I decided to check when exactly Simon lived when he was a normal cat and not an Astral creature and I found something very interesting.His garves headsone says he lived between 1319-1328 AE and that happens to be the timeline of Destiny's Edge as well.Destiny's Edge was formed in 1319 and disbanded in 1328 during the war with Mordremoth, where Eir died, Logan and Zojja got incapacitated, while Caithe went rogue for a while.This can't be a coincidence I mean the dates align perfectly, I mean why would the developers choose these dates to be the exact time Simon was alive?But what could this mean? Is Simon a physical manifestation of Destiny's Edge?

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