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A Raid Idea that I need to get out.


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"Our Father lives yet, and we will not abandon him as our Mother has abandoned us."

Mordremoth is dead, along with its kin Zhaitan. But can that truly be possible to two immortal creatures, who have lived since before the Human gods have first stepped foot on this world? No. The dragons are not dead, but their bodies are destroyed. Their souls merely slumber once again deep below the earth, and their minions still hear their call. They will never give up.

Few of the Sylvari still here the call of their powerful Father, but it exists. To the north of Dragon's Stand, south of the golden city, lies a cave deep in the jungle, guarded by ferocious jungle creatures. Farther within, seedlings have begun to sprout, growing out, plunging their roots deep below the soil, building up, drawing magic. The Mordremoth is building itself anew, and with it a home for the Mordrem, very similar to the one they have forsaken. The guard flock to it in droves, excited to see their master's return, eager to regain their purpose. And for a few, lucky Sylvari, far far away from the jungle, their purpose is being revealed, as they too return to their master.

(I want to imagine this raid is a multiple stage one, like the Forsaken Thicket. The group will decend deeper into the cave Ronan found long ago that held the seeds that would one day bring a whole new race into Tyria. The roots and cavern walls will make the cave look like the Grove, and will be crawling with Mordrem waiting for the jungle dragon to resurrect. The bosses won't be mordrem though, they will be sylvari, eight of them. Each one has a different reason for being there, whether it be they're insane and were easy for Mordremoth to get to, or they could have had people important to them turned into dragon minions, and they only wish to be with them again. One even believes that killing the dragons is wrong, and dooming the world. Bringing them back can fix it. They fight to the death for Mordremoth, hoping to stall the oncoming heroes long enough that the sylvari's master, and the sylvari race, can all be Reborn.)

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