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[PvX][Darkhaven] - Azure Knights of Dwayna [AZUR]

Eteru Seishin.7125

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Aki and I am the Guild Leader of the Azure Knights of Dwayna [AZUR] on the Darkhaven World Server. We're a PvX guild. That means we do PvE (Player versus Environment), PvP (Player versus Player), and WvW (World versus World).

We are hoping to recruit both new and/or returning active players who are interested in a tight-knit community. We have a guild website and we use Discord as our voice communication program not just to chit-chat, but to coordinate many of our guild events for smooth gameplay.

Our guild offers our members camaraderie in many areas of the game-- Some of those areas we participate include, but are not limited to: Raiding, Dungeons, PvP Teams, Fractals from Tier 1 to Tier 4, Map Exploration, Jumping Puzzles, Achievements, Story Completion, Guild Missions, Guild PvP Tournaments, Gearing Up Characters, Hero Point Trains, Mastery Point Trains, etc. As you can see, our guild does a lot! And we're looking to have you join us so we can do even more together!

Our guild strictly prohibits discrimination and bullying of any kind. We have no restrictions on who can join as long as you can follow our rules and treat everyone kindly. We're all here to have fun, but we all have to remember that there's a person behind every computer screen. It's our duty to ourselves and each other to be respectful at all times.

If anyone is interested in joining, please send any of our Leaders or Officers a message or mail in-game! We'd love to have you as part of our community!

Kind Regards, ~ Aki

Aki - Eteru Seishin.7125 - Guild LeaderMavric - Mavric.7462 - Guild LeaderOrian - devilchild.1057 - Senior OfficerSquishie - squishie.3862 - Junior OfficerSilver - shirax.9275 - Junior OfficerNweb - stpallison.5246 - Junior Officer

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