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Massive Losing Streaks Into Massive Winning Streaks


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One of the problems is that mmr ( rating used to place you in matches ) appears to be disconnected from your actual elo ( rating used to place you in the leaderboards ) resulting in serious problems. For instance, if you get unlucky enough you can fall from plat II to gold II in such a way that your mmr didn't change as much as your league spot. So what happens is you still get placed into matches as if you were still plat II, even though you currently aren't - causing lopsided teams steamroll games until your actual rating catches up and rebounds you back to wherever you should be.

Another problem is there just might not be enough people in ranked to match you properly. I usually sit somewhere in plat, occasionally gold III after a major loss streak. Yet despite this I still get lots of silver players in my games. If I play multiple ranked matches in a row I end up playing against the same players because there aren't enough people there. The amount of people with 1600+ queuing at the same time is likely often single digits. Unfortunately, there isn't much Anet can do about this other than A) Increasing the time it takes for matchmaking to work or B ) Making ranked more appealing -AKA Fix this crappy meta, make sure every class has at least 1 optimal build. They did it before they can do it again.

I'm not 100% sure of how anet does the mmr so this could be wrong, but from what I have seen it unfortunately appears to be the case.

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