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[suggestion] add profession masteries

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Ok this is my idea that I think will help towards solving what I believe to be two of the games biggest problems, lack of players and players not knowing how to play their profession. With it having a larger focus on the later.What I would like to see is all the wasted mastery points we currently have used in a way that although still account bound but is profession specific.

My Idea for learning mechanics

Currently to max out usage of mastery points:

  • 49 out of 82 available for core

  • 144 out 189 available for hot

  • 66 out of 95 available for pof

I would like to use a further 9 from each of these by doing the following:

Solo MissionIntroduce a gauntlet style solo mission that unlocks the profession mastery. This mission would need to include different sections geared towards different aspects of game play so for example:

  • speed run showing players what movement enhancers they have available
  • Something shows ground targeting that requires dodging
  • something that requires clearing groups of mobs as well as single targets
  • something that shows how to break bars
  • something that supports allies and teaches about healing
  • a weapon rack containing instance only use items so all can be tried
  • wrap it all up in a fight that requires using what you have learned

All designed to teach a professions specific ways of dealing with different situations and while I think this should be at level 80 to fully utilise all of the skills available and not overload a player with information that is not yet relevant. I do believe there should be a dumbed down version at the beginning of every character creation that maybe rewards something, but less face it the biggest reward will be understanding how to play the profession you chose.

XP TrackOnce the mastery is unlocked I think it is important that only the xp from that profession should be able to progress the unlock track, what’s the point of earning “Master of the Mesmer” on a Guardian or even more specific why does playing as a Scourge give me the right to be “Master of the Reaper”

RewardAfter the mastery is received it can be added to the account wide total pool but also put some kind of visual indicator so it can easily be seen, maybe change the players name to gold lettering if they are playing a mastered profession or something. Exactly what is not important just that it is somehow visible to others that they should know what they are doing?You could argue that we already have elite specification to unlock but it takes nothing at all to run around with a hero point train and unlock a profession, personally I have unlocked all of them but would in no way profess to know how to play them all proficiently.

So how is all this going to help with lack of players?

Well first of I know of many that have been put off by the amount to learn vs the amount of tutorial. Not everyone wants to spend hours on YouTube before they can play a game. This would go a long way to helping them out.

Another reason is many players just want more to do lots come back do content then are off again. This gives players a lot more reasons to stick around longer when content is released.

As for the masteries, although some aim to complete everything, the majority will not waste time on something that they deem to be worthless, so therefore will no longer touch the content related to any masteries after they have maxed what they need to progress. This will make 27 of them less useless.

For those that do aim to complete everything you will now need to know how to play the game on more than just one profession if you want that max mastery total.

It will also make content more replay able not to just do it over as the same profession, play style of the maps is very different between some of the professions.

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