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Three Golem Monte

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This must be frustrating to a lot of people right now. So I'm here to give a bit of advice on how to do it and what ANET should do about it.

There are 2 methods on how to do it:

1) With a teamYou can use the team to always find the right golem without getting zapped yourself as the others will eliminate the wrong picks for you.However there are a few problems with this method: If it's not an organised team that is there to help others obtain the achievement they can be a visual obstruction rather than real help. Even if they are there to help you such teams will not be here to stay for long, as once most people are done with the achievement they will become a rare thing, just like with many other achievements. Another problem is that I heard it doesnt always work, as some people don't seem to get the achievement even if they have others to find the right golem for them - could be a bug.

2) Do it aloneThat's what I did and it took me 3 attempts to get the achievement. So I know what I'm saying here, but honestly I don't have much advice to give, I mean no advice will make other people have keen eyes like me - it takes practice. However I can give advice on how to position yourself before a round begins. 1st positioning is to stand outside of the square field facing the golems, that way you have clear visuals on anywhere the target golem may run. 2nd positioning I used starting with round 3 where 2 rows of golems appear, instead of facing the golems I stood in the middle of them facing left. The reason facing forward won't work here is because from a distance you can easily mistake from which row the golem was picked, while if you stand near them you may loose sight of your target if it runs right in your direction as it will run opposite of where you will be facing. So from this position you will always know from which row the golem was picked, but after that it all goes down to how keen your eyes are and luck, yes because if multiple golems cross paths with yours while turning it will be almost impossible to tell which one is corrects.

ANET however should make the event repeatable right after an attempt is finished.I mean it is one of the most frustrating parts about it i.e. waiting for it to starts and more often than not only to fail and having to wait again.Now I know this could cause a problem where people will start farming it for rewards, but a simple solution to that would be giving the rewad for it a time gate, like the event won't be able to give a reward more than once per 10-15 min. But that is probably just wishful thinking from me.I will also point out that this achievement is a bit too hard to award only 1AP

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