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I Really Liked the Inquest Theme of the New Story and Map

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And if it weren't for the lousy first boss giant HP, I think this episode would rank as one of my favorites. I got a lot of half life and portal vibes, along with some"The Empire" from Star Wars vibes. I like that communication tower. It makes cool little sounds. I am happy we got to visit the Inquest.

I liked the puzzles in this one. Not so tedious that it stops the story in any meaningful way but good enough that it felt fun to progress. The conveyor belt stuff was great. I thought I came across a cheesy way to get loot by attacking the critters that get burned, but it turns out anet must of disabled the loot on those guys XD.

The mark II exterminator was the only thing I really disliked. The Concept was not bad, it just took far too long. I am part pvt and zerker and maybe that was one of the reasons it took so long but it kinda got me out of the mood of playing for a bit. I hope too see that tuned a bit. I think maybe it just needs less HP.

I was trying to find out if there was a map specific reason why they gave the mastery they gave, All I could find was a corridor in map that had toxic fumes in it that took a lot of life away so having the mastery let me explore it, but it just lead to a dead end?

I think overall its a decent map. Oh, I forgot to mention something... WE NEED ANOTHER JP!Just a good ol' fashioned one.

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if you mean the corridor north east side of map with some volitile magice in it yea thats not the big reason for it.Last part of story you got another one were you rescue a skritt, its in the achievment pannel for said story episode. ( alto some people have found out a way to do it without said mastery. )

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In all the previous stories, the inquest were always depicted as thieves, criminals and cowards. There are three colleges in rata sum and the inquest, which are never seen as anything important. This episode shows the other side. They are a lot more powerful, resourceful than all of the colleges together. And for some strange reason, they do not accept a death of a collegue easily. "we care" and they even have security protocols for their staff members. They are still a very cruel and dark oganization with questionable intentions, but they are definitely not the stuipd morons we've encountered during our previous missions. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we allied with Kudu. There would have been a lot more explosions, there would be no sign mordi ever existed right now and blath probably died in draconis mons XD.

I really like how the inquest changed over the years. The puzzles are indeed awesome and mostly easy to figure out, at least for those who already played "one path ends." I was not able to reach Rata Primus out of the story instance, yet. I think it is possible, although extremely difficult thanks to the griffon nerf. Rest of the area looks cool.

However when I played the map/story for the first time, I found two very familiar things:

  • in the facilities you visit for the shield-generators, there are replicas of scarlets probes.
  • an evil madman doing research on a great plaque which could eradicate entire tyria. We had that before and we know where it leaded last time. I hope it will be LA again, so we can get rid of that boring map design. I fear it will be all cities together ^^. So I am looking forward to the next episodes. Hopefully with more inquest and even a chance to team up with them.

I am still looking for the soundtrack played in the first instances (inquest labs). For some weird reason I cannot find it atm. Either it is not out yet, or hidden behind some very missleading name. If you know where I can find it, please post a link! ^^

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