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[BUG] WvW, Desert BL, Air keep jump pads inconsistent travel arcs

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If the title is a little unclear I've tried to explain as much as possible in as few words as possible.

There is a bug, more of an exploit really, when taking the jump pad in WvW's Desert BL Air Keep from the southern air shrine. At the second to last bounce zone before landing at the northern air shrine there is inconsistency with the arc of travel that you take over the cliff. This can lead to you clipping the top of the cliff and dropping out of the bird transformation which, when combine with a little creative jumping, allows you to rest on a plateau just above the northern inner gate.

This can be an issue for defenders as the player is essentially shielded from view and from any possible damage, certain siege could possibly arc a shot above, but for all intent and purpose, they are invulnerable. If the player hiding is a mesmer, in particular a mirage, they can sword leap onto the top of the northern gate, and from there drop portals that allow the bypassing of both outer and inner walls and doors.

I've documented gameplay footage of the bug, and uploaded it as a private video to YT, if someone from arenanet wants to view the footage of it happening, I'm happy to allow them access to the video.

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