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This poor noob has a few questions to ask about Great Hall and Crafting

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Hello friends. I have asked lots of basic questions nowadays and I thank you all for giving decent answers, I appreciate it a lot.

Q1: To make gold I heard one of the best ways is great hall, akili and palawadan palace. So when I am in the hall with the last boss Amala I cannot get the loot boxes of all the champs she spawns. I dont know, I cannot make it in time to hit them all and before I could hit them they are dropped dead by the players already, I lose considerable amount of loot boxes every time. I am not so familiar with the mechanics still so I would like to hear if there is a way that you do it. I am a ranger with longbow and greatsword btw.

Q2: I have dreams. One day I will craft the legandary bow Kudzu. So I bought the first recipe with a great enthusiasm but I dont have the skill to craft it. So I have been looking around to find which disciplines do I need to craft a specific legendary weapon but could not find a good source. Maybe I am retarded about this because for me it should be a really basic info to find in-game or online. I also would like to hear your opinion and knowledge on this.

Thank you all everybody in advance and have a nice day!

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A1: This is something I struggle with as well, simply because I do not wholly prioritize going for the champs. However, I believe the best way would be if there's a commander there, join on them, because players in that squad will call target on the champions, which you can then just hit your own target button to track onto it, then you can either pew pew from range with your LB using LB2 or LB5 if you can find where to drop the aoe. Take Lead the Wind for piercing LB shots so no other adds eat your projectiles. Another option is using GS3 to close the distance towards the champion. While you're getting into range, double-casting GS4 will let your throw your GS to still attempt to get some credit.

A2: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Kudzu#Full_material_list

As for crafting the precursor, Longbows are Hunstman category weapons. You should only need that in order to make the Leaf of Kudzu, but to make the Gift of Kudzu, 400 Leatherworking is also necessary.

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