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All sorts of bugs. >:00000

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I'd like to report some bugs on my MacOSX version of Guild Wars Two that have made my experience unpleasant, and now almost unplayable in recent months.


Coherent Host Crash

The client crashes once or twice every time i try to open GW2 for the first time in hours or days."Coherent host crashedA serious error..." Etc etc etc with no crash data.


Chest Yeet

I did dragon's stand very frequently around 4-5:00 AM EST.Why so early?Because it crashes near the islands every time.No matter what.(So I play and command when there's less people on and I can get back in the map.)This also happens for me in more populated areas such as Crystal Oasis or other world events.


No Fullscreen

Sometimes, while copy-pasting very fast, or simply trying to fullscreen to reach some buttons, I hit command-return, which tries to fullscreen the game and promptly crashes.I had to make my game window smaller to compensate, which i do not like, as everything is therefore smaller with it.

4. (Most recent after the last two patches!)

Map Freeze

As I waypoint into a new map instance, such as Dragon's Stand to Lion's Arch, the game opens the loading screen and freezes without loading the image or swirl wheel continuing to animate.Sometimes the map name doesn't show up.I have to FORCEQUIT to try again.

Guild Wars Two has been my favorite MMORPG for almost five years, and it's my sole method of communication with my very best friend.Please, can someone look into this?Thank you so much!!


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