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Refugee event for IG-6417 in Crystal Oasis is stalled

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The event where you have to rescue refugees from the Zephyrite mine in Crystal Oasis is required for Redeeming IG-6417, is stalled and can't progress. A bunch of us have tried finding different instances of the map where it hasn't started yet, in order to do it, but most of us have had no luck. I'm not sure what the issue is exactly - I know that when it's bugged, no marker indicators appear to tell you where the refugees are ( nor are the unmarked ones present as NPCs ), and so you can't rescue them. If anyone else has more info, please add it to this

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just started event and stalled after saving 1 refugee. Think this whole LW episode is a early April fools Prank or there really is "A bug in the system". So many events don't work properly. Unless anet designed them to make people want to stop playing the game altogther. And there goes 2 more rescued refugees that aren't being counted....

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