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Same question posed many different ways


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Over the last 5+ years I have seen the same Question posed many different ways.Please note there has not yet been one single survey where 100% of players agreed on anything.

I see the question as " Why do others not play WVW my way?"

Among the ways I have seen this same question posed are ;Why does team X hide,Why does team x run cheese builds ,Why are team x good at fighting,Why are team x bad at fighting.etc etc etc

Basically though the answers in my mind are always the same;

Encourage others to play your way by showing it to be fun. and/ or Find like minded people and play alongside them

IMHO, Staying positive may work, being negative seldom works and can in fact be counter productive.

Good luck , feel free to post your opinions.

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What you find enjoyment in, others may not. I know plenty of people that enjoy playing WVW by sneaking T3 towers/keeps. I've seen groups waypoint out of a tower or keep they just flipped instead of coming out to fight the group outside of it. I don't get it, but at the same time, if they enjoy playing that way, so be it.

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Things I’ve enjoyed in WvW:

  1. Roaming solo behind enemy lines with a line of enemies chasing me.
  2. Hiding inside SMC after the enemy Zerg takes the fortress and dueling against the people who try to find me.
  3. Running in a Zerg busting group of 15-20 against full 50 man zergs and fighting for every hard earned kill.
  4. Three way fights in SMC with multiple smaller coordinated groups with their own commanders.
  5. Playing defense (after capturing) your enemies camps until only an actual small scale Zerg can dislodge you.
  6. Fighting truly talented roamers and letting them live to keep fighting.
  7. Letting a newbie roamer live and then killing them after they foolishly attempt to kill you for the second time.
  8. Crushing an equal sized group with precision.
  9. Playing in the original WvW tournament and the server pride that people found and the long hours they put in during that time.
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