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Suggestion: Contacts and LFG (Filter Related)

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Just a thought here.

Would it be possible to incorporate a Tagging system for Contacts and LFG - similar to search tags on other sites?

This could be both client-side and server-side with provided and custom tags for things like LFG where people could tag their LFG posts with say +Discord, +Healer, +Tank, +Selling etc and then people wanting to filter through the lists looking for specifics could then filter by tag. The current -[text] is a step in the right direction, sure, but I'm curious if it could be improved. I'd personally like the tags to not be forced to be part of the text such that "LFM" [+DPS], [+Chrono] could suffice, but that "LFM +DPS +Chrono" would auto-include the tags listed. These tags could be determined server-side and be selected from a menu of sorts (perhaps also filterable with the same stuff used in BLTP or Crafting Stations) to make it a bit easier for players to find and get accustomed to them.

The Client-Side tags come in for things like Contacts where I often mark people as "Raid ..." or "WvW ..." or even "[GuildTag] ..." via the nickname option. The benefit here is that I could still nickname "NotRealPerson.1234" as "Bob", but give them tags [FAKE], [Raid], [Fractal], [Chrono], [Australia], etc which I could then more easily adjust in the future or search for with the search menu. Obviously these tags would not need to be supplied server-side because things like Guild Tags or timezone of the player, etc would not necessarily be things the server keeps track of (or needs to report back for that matter if it does).

I'd personally love a more robust method of organizing my friends and filtering through things like LFG - so I thought I'd share an idea.

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