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Fishing Event for Tier 3 Backpack in Sandswept Isles is MIA!

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I have yet to see this event pop tonight. I've again spent most of my playtime this week, with my toon parked waiting for events that never spawn. This one might be bugged or takes special circumstances to spawn it , idk.The one in Crystal Oasis on the East side of map in the mine is broken on most instances and I also haven't seen the event just North of Temple of Kormir in Oasis Spawn either. These might all just be bad luck, but i think several events for the Tier 3 backpacks are bugged.

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Waited hours, switched to tons of maps it would'nt pop up until the daily reset that is. Event came up right after the daily reset but of course i got dced just before it completed... It never came up again. So you either need a brand new map or wait for the daily reset, this is clearly buggy.

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