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This is why PvP is MemeWorthy!


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You were probably deemed as "high chance of winning".

If you actually lost the match, matchmaking would have laughed at you and slapped your face with a -30 point loss and would have said,

  • "We gave you a team that had a high chance of winning!!" - Anet
  • ... with a team of 4 revs?...
  • "No Excuses!!!" - Anet.
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@Kronicle.4652 said:I’ll admit that’s pretty low, but was this a gain after decay?

Unless he lost, returning from decay gives more points, not less. A SS of the match history might be more telling.But yeah, PvP is a bit of a joke, and has been for a long time. I doubt that it will ever be fixable. Too many mistakes made in the past are now ingrained into the system, and a lot of the changes needed to fix PvP would probably drive some people away, and the population isn't good enough to handle that. So what would happen is that it would get much worse before getting better, and i don't think there's enough people into PvP to keep it running between the much worse and the better.

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