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More mini stories please

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Playing Caithe and learning her back story as we played through HoT was a lot of fun. I've just come from the first chapter of Gwen's Story, ( in GW1.) Wow! Just Wow!

Please consider doing more of that type of mini adventure. I'd pay for the privilege, like buying the adventures pack for GW1.

Here's two story suggestions off the top of my head:

Let us play Demi Beetlestone as she plots her escape, contacts The Order of Whispers and heads for Lion's Arch.

Let us play Kasmeer Meade, her world shattered by her brother's indiscretion, ( perhaps taking revenge upon the people he gambled with? ) and wending her way through the mean streets of Divinity's Reach. Finally landing a job with Majory.

This kind of thing adds so much depth to a character. I was already a fan of Gwen, but now much more so.

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