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Not sure if intended or not?

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Game bugged several times for me and a friend in this section of the maze, found ourselves locked behind walls, dead and unable to restart. When we finally got through all of this, his client crashed BUT even though I was the one to activate the story, it told me no progress would be saved in yellow writing just as I got to a part that involved meeting friends on a beach.

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Yeah that message doesn't matter if you are owner or if the people with accept progress. Obviously dc messes with that for him, but that part of the story is stupidly done. people with you can get trapped, if you are out of golem you cannot get back in one even if you are out of combat, despite there being ones around. This can trap you both requiring you to die to get to checkpoint, even if the non-instance-owner is alive out of combat, as they too have to die to reach checkpoint.

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